Emilie The Artist

With the amount of people on this planet, it is extremely difficult to see any new, original design.  With that, you mostly see an elaborate angle or a branch of another idea appear; an idea of an idea or an idea from an idea.  It is very easy to see inspirations of mentors and idols and it’s extremely easy to find straight up plagiarizers of other’s work.  With that said, we admire when we see an artist (of any kind of design) take their own machete and create a path that has yet to be seen.  When you see someone that has been inspired by others but making their own traits and making their own trends; people that become the new inspirations for the next generation of designers.  We have found one living amongst us and she’s still very young.  We want you all to meet Emilie.


Emilie was born in France in 1980 in a very small town with her mother and father.  In 1986, at the age of six, she followed art classes like drawing, vectoring, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic, sculpture until 1997 when she went to college.  During the time learning, she exhibited her work in France at the age of ten.  This is where she was able to get some amazing advice from a fan of her work.  This person, Charles Winn, later become her mentor and helped her hone her skills in on design and simplicity.  During her time with Charles, she developed an accurate eye on shapes, lines, volumes and people, pulling her to become a designer.

In 2004, at the age of twenty four, Emilie became an architect as awarded by the French Government and documented (very well, she adds) on video by her parents.  Her strong abilities to foresee tendencies and materials while being attracted by cultural mixtures, have allowed her the opportunity of a lifetime.  Emilie, this January, will be joining the Chinese Master Bing Thom in Vancouver Canada working on the Arena Stage Theatre in Washington DC and also at the TTC University in Fort Worth Texas.

Previously, Emilie was hired by the French AS Shanghai (Strasbourg Parliament, Paris Oriental World Institute IMA) and with Philip Johnson.  Under this supervision she won multiple urban competitions all over Asia.  From there.  She quickly went to work closer on interior design and other projects that required a creative attention to detail and simplicity.  She was doing the normal job of creating graphics, producing, and developing powerful artistic concepts through sustainable approaches while also changing the way we all see design.

Now she full focuses her time on illustrations along with her paintings and graphic design work.  Coming from her feelings and soul, what she draws and paints is exhaling the strongest emotions and the most beautiful poses humans are able to create.  This is more than obvious when you see her work.  It absolutely radiates a unique angle and color palette that will grab your attention and send you into some sort of mental thought.  She makes you feel like a kid again as she gives you enough to see what she wants and enough to create what you want.  Her ideas and designs are crazy amazing.

During our time with Emilie, we had a great amount of laughs and “Wow” moments where she showed us her work.  We couldn’t believe how well she did EVERYTHING from drawing and painting to designing and sculpting.  She revealed to us, at the end of everything, that the unique chairs and table we were doing this all at were actually designed by her and made by a carpenter friend.  What a unique soul!

If you wish to hire Emilie, drop a line on our contact page and put her name and a link to this page.  We will send her the information and let her do with it what she pleases.  Per her requests (solely to prevent an overload of requests and emails), we have left her last name off of this page and we will be handling her emails.

Here’s her list of work experience:

Founder, Creative Director, Alalaaa Group (Alalaaa, Magmaaa(D), designli3), Shanghai, CN

Designer, PJAR Asia, Shanghai, CN
Project manager, AS Shanghai, CN

Intermediate Architect, Bing Thom Architects, Vancouver, CA


School of Architecture of Toulouse, FR

Beaux Arts Villa Briguiboul, Castres, FR
/Drawing painting and sculpture modules

Painting and drawing private tutoring