Watching for Art Sales

073_MCAD_Art_Sale_2011As an interior designer, I constantly have my eyes peeled for the most up to date and best things for embellishing residences and also office. I have a propensity for detail and a propensity for making mismatched points come together, so interior decoration is the best task for me. Among my favorite things to watch for and also to urge my clients to look for is any fine art available. You truly need to keep an excellent eye out for art offered for sale. Why? Due to the fact that it is uncommon to have one-of-a-kind items of terrific art be available for sale to the general public, when art is for sale, it frequently goes swiftly to the greatest prospective buyer. So your eyes must be peeled with a pretty good suggestion of just what you’re searching for if you wish to locate fine art for sale.

Something you should do prior to purchasing any art offered for sale is develop a spending plan. With any sort of designing job there is need for a budget since points can rapidly get out of hand. So take a seat and also be realistic concerning the percent of your funds that you can commit to locating art pieces for sale. If you enter browsing with a budget you will have a much greater chance of locating things you like and of not being dissatisfied when points are out of your price range.

Another essential thing is to have a concept wherefore kinds of things you are searching for before you seek art available for sale. The globe of fine art is much more huge than you may believe, so you have to be prepared or you will likely become bewildered. Get an indoor designer or a buddy with good taste and start to gather smart ideas for items that would include in the uniqueness and style of your home. Discovering fine art for sale that fulfills your demands will certainly be a lot easier if you recognize exactly what your needs art.

There are plenty of places that you could locate fine art offered for sale, and also a lot of that relies on what kind of fine art you plan to discover. Search in your local newspaper to see what type of fine art is available for sale you can discover. See if there are any kind of wonderful art displays in your location or if there will certainly be a regional exhibition by an artist. Discovering fantastic art available for sale is hard and yet easy to do. Talk with buddies or relatives that assist neighborhood artists and get their concepts regarding fine art available for sale. Make your residence a place every person will certainly wish to spend time in and also enjoy by locating the right fine art available for sale.

Tips And Tricks For Arts And Crafts

Having fine arts as well as crafts as an interest is certainly an incentive. You can develop so much amazing stuff, and it can be something you take pleasure in doing with other people. This write-up is here to supply you with some valuable recommendations that can direct you as you discover your alternatives with more fine arts as well as crafts.

Keep a collection of your fine arts and also crafts books. There are so many points that you could do if you are a smart individual. And that means a great deal of people discuss the topic. You’ll have craft book after craft publication available to you. Your library could expand extremely quickly. Keep it arranged and also you’ll really enjoy seeking brand-new crafts to attempt.

Web groups are a fantastic means to get in touch with others who share your enthusiasm for a fine arts and also crafts. This is specifically true if you are into a craft that is not widely preferred. You can get in touch with like-minded crafters from all over the globe with the aid of the net.

Crafting is enjoyable with children. Showing an instance could affect their own thinking. Allow them to utilize their creativity without prejudgments. As an example, they might attract a mouth where a nose ought to go. Their thoughts as well as suggestions are necessary, so permit them to be a part of the last implementation of the project.

Hobby_Arts_and_CraftsDevelop For Much less is a site that offers fundamental crafting supplies. This company allows you to conserve cash by purchasing in bulk. Additionally, they provide totally free shipping on order over one hundred dollars. Create For Much less supplies the most effective in scrap booking products, yarn, beading products and also fabrics making it the excellent go-to area for every one of your crafting needs.

Take with you everything you have actually discovered by going through this short article. Your fine arts and also crafts time will certainly benefit, that is for certain. You could now see where your next venture takes you, and also you could enjoy your favorite activity more and more. Fine arts as well as crafts are one of the best pastimes around!

For the Love of Abstract Art – cont’d

I delight in the incorporation as well as deletion of space.

optical-illusion-03The handling of space or the impression of space is another powerful aspect in the artist’s mind. If you are attracted into a photo where the building roof can also be seen as the under side of the building, then you are able to appreciate the art of illusion. The perception of depth, point of view, airiness, solidity, structures and also various other spatial relations are produced as well as managed to accomplish a desired objective.

The overall make-up or style of my painting or sculpture is developed to assist the visitor’s eyes to understanding and recognition of the images.

I should admit, most of my figurative compositions is a party of womanhood, which I am quite happy to be part of for they are the seats of wisdom and also expertise.

I take satisfaction in the sensation and responses of my clients and customers to my productions. I feel blessed in numerous methods than words can express. The challenge often is getting the structure right, or balancing the elements of shade, lines and forms while keeping a vibrant tension and massage below.

Power is the vital force that is present in all great art. This is not something that is effortlessly specified. The life force of every operations I do coincides, however various energies and different declarations. It is this peculiar power that makes my operations talk with you, and also makes them special, initial and identifiable to me. This energy is produced out of experience as well as self-awareness, products and tools, but completion is greater than the methods in the exact same feeling that a musical composition is so much more than a collection of notes.

You are welcome into my world of abstract wall art or modern art, loosen up and allow your eyes to leisurely roam over the collection of veracities of fine art kinds and styles. Let your heart and mind react to my colors, forms, figures and structures. Come and spoil yourself a little in the illusion of vibrant areas, the motion of lines and the state of mind of euphoric atmosphere.

Come, look up close and explore the details of brushstrokes, spatula- strokes, paint thickness, structures as well as composition information. Enjoy exactly how the parts are woven together to develop the whole.

Take your time. My artwork could not be understood and appreciated in a ten second glance. Allow my fine art to expand on you, coming to be a lot more intriguing and more pleasurable to check out as you deal with it.

For the Love of Abstract Art

I have always loved bright shades and movement because it is very relaxing as well as challenging too. The bottom line is the feeling and message that I want to convey via the medium. When I repaint, every effort is to catch the feel of heat, passion, joy and bliss in an objective or figurative structure. I enjoy testing of various media and topics.

watermark_IMG_1582_CMy subject differs based upon my feeling and statement but my love for shades is consistent. In spite of this, viewers see different forms or numbers in my abstract expressions. The good thing about these expressions is the flexibility of the customers to see as well as appreciate the types in their mind’s eyes, like face paint in the eye of the viewer. Its likewise important to point out that “Uli” which is my traditional art style has actually played a significant role in my age long occupation. The symbols as well as types of this art design are reflected in my cubism, abstract pictures, abstract relief sculpture, seascape, drawing, pastels and watercolor painting.

People see various types or pictures in abstract art, the deepness of just what you in fact see when you take a look at the paints is partially based on specific direct exposure as well as understanding of art types, color, shapes, line and structure; which are the physical components that incorporate to make up the art works.

A selection of various dark tones, forms and types might provide numerous impressions to various minds; light, ventilated photos as magical; well balanced, pleasant forms as tranquil. Uli organic forms and shape are symbolical such as different colors and types have meaning in and of themselves. It is a basic fact that you can not provide what you do not have. I am a believer and my work time is additionally a meditation time, which can go in any case depending upon the spiritual consciousness of the creative mind.

To me, my operations part is an intimate moment between I, canvas and different colors. At this imaginative moment there is a spiritual impartation from the artist to the Art. That is why there is the psychological response to these components even if they create no identifiable things for us to hand on to.


Using Posters to Decorate

downloadIf you are looking for great methods to decorate your home or office, then you know you have almost countless choices. There are many ways to decorate that it can effortlessly be quite frustrating to discover the ideal points that are in the budget. As an interior designer, I am commonly meeting with clients who are bewildered with their options and that are having problem staying within a spending plan. I often recommend art posters to these kinds of clients.

Fine art posters is an unexpected response for many of my clients that feature questions. They marvel because they have never ever thought about the fantastic alternative that art posters could be. So I suggest art posters and then I reveal them the examples of art posters that I have all over my own residence and also workplace. There are a couple of main reasons that I recommend enhancing with art posters.

First, I love seeing people enhance with art posters due to the fact that they are cost-effective. Not that you must constantly pick just what is affordable for your home or office, yet if you are anything like me, then your preferences and also individual style are continuously changing. If this holds true, decorating with art posters is a fantastic method to decorate for a time when you understand that your tastes will transform quickly sufficient. So typically individuals get costly items of beautiful art and after that alter their minds within a few years. Buying fine art posters is a fantastic way to remain in an affordable cost range as well as to provide yourself the liberty to explore new alternatives for fine art later on.

Another fantastic thing about fine art posters is that they can be found in such a large range. You can be trying to find nearly anything and find what you’re seeking in the form of an art poster. I love that. I love that a customer could be trying to find a beach scene or for art that looks like it came from Paris and they can generally locate fine art posters representing exactly what they want.

If you are trying to enhance and you assume that art posters might be an option for you, after that visit an art posters shop and have a look at your alternatives. It is a good idea to have some ideas about what you’re searching for initially. Try to understand what style and different colors you are looking for. The decision making process will certainly be a lot easier if you understand exactly what sort of art posters to seek.

Travel the World

Art aficionado? World traveler? These two things go hand in hand famously. If you are traveling around the world, you would do yourself a favor to visit some of the best art galleries in the world. The world of art has been a part of history since it was first made in cave paintings, where a select few have been allowed to visit outside of France. As such, the worlds greatest art pieces are scattered in museums all across the globes. Many times, galleries will tour a show and you can see it at your closest gallery, but other pieces stay in their museums like tombs, forever. So if your goal is to see them all, you will have to leave your home turf. My uncle Tony who is now the owner of  Roofing Service The Woodlands  and is mentioned below, has given me the insight and motivation to get out and travel.

If you are interested in a the worlds largest, then of course the answer is in the U.S.A. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. The Smithsonian is actually nineteen museums and galleries and research stations all mashed together in a giant complex. There are many famous attractions in there, such as Dorothy’s ruby shoes from the Wizard of Oz, the dresses of the First Ladies, and the original Star-Spangled Banner. The Wright brothers’ flying machine is also there, along with the Apollo 11 command module. On the other end of the pond, again in France, you will find the world famous Louvre, in Paris. The Louvre is over two centuries years old, and used to be a fortress before being turned into a museum. I.M. Pei’s piece, the pyramid, was considered an affront to the classic style by many, but has now become a main photo op, located in the front of the museum. The pieces found in the Louvre are considered to be some of the most important artistic contributions in the history of the world, and include the Venus de Milo, Winged Victory of Samothrace and of course da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.  After the Louvre, it has to be the Acropolis Museum in Athens, Greece. The Acropolis itself is a work of art, and a piece of history, built thousands of years ago. The museum famously has a glass floor that allows its guests to walk over the archaeological findings. The flagship attractions is the frieze of the Parthenon. On the other side of the globe, we find ourselves at State Hermitage, in St Petersburg, Russia. Although distant from the other cultural hubs of the world, the Hermitage still boasts an impressive collection of art, housing more than three million items. If you are at the Hermitage, you can see masterpieces from Eurasia, the Black Sea Littoral in antiquity as well as seeing piecse from Nicholas II’s private collection. Coming in as our fifth museum, would have to be the British Museum in London, England. This museum, has historical items from all around the world, with its main attractions being the Egyptian gallery, with ancient artifacts from Egypt, as well as the Rosetta Stone itself. So if you are traveling the world, make sure to note some of these museums to visit and culture yourself with!

Art Marketing at it’s finest…

Having your first gallery exhibit can be an intimidating process, but do not let this stop you, since it can also be one of your most fulfilling experiences you have as an artist. So you have been working on your pieces for a while now, and have amounted a good enough amount to have even discarded some older pieces, and now you have a collection of only your favorites and what you consider to be your best. After all this work you feel like you are ready to take it to a gallery, but how do you go about getting your first art show? Many times this is not as simple as it sounds, as when you approach a gallery, you are also entering a business arrangement, and artists tend to forget that aspect of the whole thing in their approach.

First of all, you need to find the right market for your art. The gallery owner must like the particular style or art, so going around and doing some research is a good idea. Some simple web searches can give you an idea of what kind of work the gallery is looking for. Once you have done some of the initial research, perhaps a visit down to the gallery to make a formal introduction may be a good idea. Going and paying a visit to whoever runs the gallery can help foster a future relationship and put you ahead of your competition. After you have done your initial legwork, it is time for you to submit your portfolio.

A good portfolio should not be too extensive. Yes, you want to show the range of your art, but concise is usually better. Ten to fifteen of your best pieces is a good range to shoot from. You should be able to show your artistic prowess in these pieces. Many times, artists make an art series. If that is the case, pick your series and again, only the ten to fifteen pieces to submit. This is often the trickiest part of an artists process in getting their pieces into a gallery. Remember, this is a business arrangement at this point, and you have to check some of your pride. Sometimes having a peer artist or trusted friend help you select the best ones can make it a bit easier.

Submitting your portfolio can also be a bit scary, after all, you have put your heart and soul into this work and you are asking for it to be judged. Do not let this make you shy away. Find out if they want a physical submission or will accept a digital portfolio first. Once you have submitted it, now you have to wait, which can be the hardest part, but let us move past that and say that you have been accepted. Now you have your work in a gallery, what next? Well, having an opening first show is the answer. Invite your friends and colleagues, social media is also a great option to use in the modern world to get your event out there, and do not forget to enjoy it.

Emilie The Artist

With the amount of people on this planet, it is extremely difficult to see any new, original design.  With that, you mostly see an elaborate angle or a branch of another idea appear; an idea of an idea or an idea from an idea.  It is very easy to see inspirations of mentors and idols and it’s extremely easy to find straight up plagiarizers of other’s work.  With that said, we admire when we see an artist (of any kind of design) take their own machete and create a path that has yet to be seen.  When you see someone that has been inspired by others but making their own traits and making their own trends; people that become the new inspirations for the next generation of designers.  We have found one living amongst us and she’s still very young.  We want you all to meet Emilie.


Emilie was born in France in 1980 in a very small town with her mother and father.  In 1986, at the age of six, she followed art classes like drawing, vectoring, watercolor, oil painting, acrylic, sculpture until 1997 when she went to college.  During the time learning, she exhibited her work in France at the age of ten.  This is where she was able to get some amazing advice from a fan of her work.  This person, Charles Winn, later become her mentor and helped her hone her skills in on design and simplicity.  During her time with Charles, she developed an accurate eye on shapes, lines, volumes and people, pulling her to become a designer.

In 2004, at the age of twenty four, Emilie became an architect as awarded by the French Government and documented (very well, she adds) on video by her parents.  Her strong abilities to foresee tendencies and materials while being attracted by cultural mixtures, have allowed her the opportunity of a lifetime.  Emilie, this January, will be joining the Chinese Master Bing Thom in Vancouver Canada working on the Arena Stage Theatre in Washington DC and also at the TTC University in Fort Worth Texas.

Previously, Emilie was hired by the French AS Shanghai (Strasbourg Parliament, Paris Oriental World Institute IMA) and with Philip Johnson.  Under this supervision she won multiple urban competitions all over Asia.  From there.  She quickly went to work closer on interior design and other projects that required a creative attention to detail and simplicity.  She was doing the normal job of creating graphics, producing, and developing powerful artistic concepts through sustainable approaches while also changing the way we all see design.

Now she full focuses her time on illustrations along with her paintings and graphic design work.  Coming from her feelings and soul, what she draws and paints is exhaling the strongest emotions and the most beautiful poses humans are able to create.  This is more than obvious when you see her work.  It absolutely radiates a unique angle and color palette that will grab your attention and send you into some sort of mental thought.  She makes you feel like a kid again as she gives you enough to see what she wants and enough to create what you want.  Her ideas and designs are crazy amazing.

During our time with Emilie, we had a great amount of laughs and “Wow” moments where she showed us her work.  We couldn’t believe how well she did EVERYTHING from drawing and painting to designing and sculpting.  She revealed to us, at the end of everything, that the unique chairs and table we were doing this all at were actually designed by her and made by a carpenter friend.  What a unique soul!

If you wish to hire Emilie, drop a line on our contact page and put her name and a link to this page.  We will send her the information and let her do with it what she pleases.  Per her requests (solely to prevent an overload of requests and emails), we have left her last name off of this page and we will be handling her emails.

Here’s her list of work experience:

Founder, Creative Director, Alalaaa Group (Alalaaa, Magmaaa(D), designli3), Shanghai, CN

Designer, PJAR Asia, Shanghai, CN
Project manager, AS Shanghai, CN

Intermediate Architect, Bing Thom Architects, Vancouver, CA


School of Architecture of Toulouse, FR

Beaux Arts Villa Briguiboul, Castres, FR
/Drawing painting and sculpture modules

Painting and drawing private tutoring




Innovative Design

Innovation is the mother of invention. It is the art of thinking big and different. Innovative design has the aim of not only beautification of existing item, but also producing a better form of it with an even better functionality. Innovative design portrays the creativity of the designer with which he makes the design simpler, graceful and easy to use. Design can be used for all types of crafts. I learned this at very young age, from my uncle Tony who is a skilled roofer with Roof Repair Sugar Land.

The 5 characteristics of Innovative Design

  • Relative advantage– computes the degree of improvement in the innovative design over the previously existing or competing design. The improvements can be measured in the form of interface, service, functions, lesser need of raw material and equipment, productivity, longevity, customizability and how it saves time, effort, money and space.
  • Compatibility– defines the level of compatibility of the design when people incorporate it in their lives. The innovation is said to be perfect when people are able to adopt it easily into their lives without much change in their lifestyles or obtaining of additional products to support it.
  • Complexity Vs Simplicity-it defines the ease or difficulty with which the people adapt and learn to use the innovative design. The more intricate the design the more difficult it is for people to learn and use it in their lives. People usually do not keep aside time to learn on how to use a new design. So, complexity de-accelerates the growth and importance of the innovative design, unless it is benefiting the human race in a huge way.
  • Trial ability– it is the degree of ease with which the people explore the innovative design. The design should be easy for people to have a grip at it and investigate it in and out. People should get comfortable handling it and should be able to figure out by themselves what that design is capable of doing and how it is affecting their lives.
  • Observability– defines the degree to which the benefits of the innovative design are visible to the people planning to use it. The clearer the results and advantages of the design, the better it is.

The best innovative designs from CES 2015

Here is a list of 10 best eye catching innovative designs displayed at CES 2015:

  • Kinematics Dress by Nervous system- a dress free from effects of gravity
  • Samsung Flex Duo Dual Door Oven- solving the problem of cooking two dishes at the same time and at different temperature/times.
  • Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8 Headphones – noise cancelation incorporated with bluetooth wireless technology.
  • PetCube- to caress and sooth our pets from afar.
  • Netatmo June- UV level monitoring device
  • Gogoro Smartscooter- battery powered emission- free smart scooter with easily replaceable batteries that can be swapped in and out whenever required.
  • New Matter 3D Printer- 3D printer with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Audeze EL-8 Planar Magnetic Headphone- supporting high quality music files, vibrant soundstage and comfy ear cups.
  • Whirlpool Interactive Kitchen of the Future 2.0
  • Toshiba Virtual Fitting Room- for enabling you to try outfits virtually.


Furniture Design

Furniture is the most essential part of someone’s dream house and its presence makes a house a home. Furniture includes everything from couches, sofas, beds to the dining table and chairs, to wall units, book shelves, centre table, side tables and cupboards. Furniture can be made out of a number of materials including metal, wood and plastic.

Furniture has been a part of human civilization since the beginning of times. Archaeological research tells that Neolithic people used stone to assemble their furniture. Then gradually came in the use of wood and then later came the era of “modern furniture” made out of glass, plastic and metal as well.

The type and style of furniture in a house describes the people living in it. It can depict both the cultural as well religious preferences and values of the house owners.

Types of Furniture Designs

The most trendy furniture design styles in market are as below:

  • Antique – includes furniture from past era i.e. about 100 years old, which is usually made out of wood. The value of this furniture is determined by its condition, age, features and rarity. Purchasing of antique furniture should be done from authentic dealers.
  • Vintage – this is the furniture that depicts the best quality and features of a certain era. For example, a vintage wishbone piece made in 1950 will be different from the vintage wishbone piece made in 1980.
  • Traditional– this is the furniture belonging to Victorian times combining the features from Queen Anne times. These pieces are very decorative, elegant, artistically designed and graceful and look best with soft and comfy fabrics and sofas.
  • Rustic– this style is a combination of many styles to create an innate, relaxed and affectionate feel. The furniture is usually made out of animal hide, warm timber, linen or cotton.
  • Art Deco– this is a diverse style of furniture that combines traditional crafts with machine imagery. Its characteristic features include angular and geometric shapes. The materials used are shiny like mirrors, glass, chrome, glossy cloth, etc. and the patterns made are buildings, cars, trains, aeroplanes etc.
  • Retro– this style depicts the imitation of fashion and trends of recent past.
  • French provincial-inspired from the styles in French provinces in 17th and 18th This furniture style has a traditional and countryside sense to it. Some pieces include large armoires, ladder back chairs with fibre seats, French sideboards with attractive patterns etc.
  • Shabby Chic– this style is similar to the French provincial but is more casual and distraught with a feminine and adoring feel.
  • Modern and contemporary-this style combines the usage of steel, plywood, leather, plastic and vinyl with single colour format for smooth and lustrous interiors.

While picking a furniture design, one should incorporate and add some personal style and preference to it. Like one traditional or shabby chic piece in a room full of contemporary items. This will not only give the room a different and unique look, but also give the feeling of one’s own space.