Simple Art

Simplicity is something that seems, well, simple but it isn’t and the art of capturing something beautiful yet simplistic has proven rarer than a sighting of a giant squid.  With all of the places out there to seek creativity and outlets to obtain talent to create it for you, you would think simpler ideas would rear their heads more often… but they don’t.  Especially in a world of lazy workers and lazily made products, you would think simple would be in more quantities than more advanced ones.  Simplicity is key.  If you want to clean your deck, you don’t scrub it with a toothbrush, you power wash it; keep it simple.

When it comes to a design, both graphically and for branding, it must provide answers to the questions and get it across in as little words as humanely possible.  They need to use both imagery and text to portray the perfect message, in the perfect way, and in the perfect manner.  It basically has to be flawless to achieve all green lights from approach to effectiveness of the ad (aka did it do what it was set out to accomplish?).

Design aside, simplicity makes everything in life a lot easier.  Something as simple as saying what you’re thinking or not beating around a bush and saying the exact words you mean without empathy getting in the way.  Those simple actions make communication much easier and better to understand by both you and the other party (your audience).  In this new age of technology and just overall saturation of the population, overcomplicating everything seems to be the trend.  From communication and design to things like relationships and business. Now-a-days you have to worry about lawsuits and offending the wrong person when before, when it was more simple, you could just be offended and move on and with new knowledge.  Now, it can quickly turn into a business crippling lawsuit because someone’s feelings were hurt.

Keeping it simple is a testament that our company has stood behind for years.  Let us approach any furniture design, logo design, website design, architectural design, deck or house design, ANY DESIGN and approach with with simplicity and purpose.  What does this need to do and in what different ways may we accomplish this?  Then, from that brainstorming session, we proceed to another level of seeing liability, costs involved, and overall lifetime of the design.  Don’t get us wrong, simplicity doesn’t mean easy nor the least amount of work.  It means that it was the most effective method and, in our experiences, usually means that the most amount of work and knowledge went into it.  Sometimes it is very obvious to tell when someone that has 30 years under their belt has created your design as opposed to when someone fresh out of college hands you your design.  The years of dedication to the craft and skill set make themselves very apparent.

If you’re wanting your design, of whatever type, to garnish the attention it deserves and to accomplish the mission it has been set to create, always remember the simple term KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid.