Innovative Design

Innovation is the mother of invention. It is the art of thinking big and different. Innovative design has the aim of not only beautification of existing item, but also producing a better form of it with an even better functionality. Innovative design portrays the creativity of the designer with which he makes the design simpler, graceful and easy to use. Design can be used for all types of crafts. I learned this at very young age, from my uncle Tony who is a skilled roofer with Roof Repair Sugar Land.

The 5 characteristics of Innovative Design

  • Relative advantage– computes the degree of improvement in the innovative design over the previously existing or competing design. The improvements can be measured in the form of interface, service, functions, lesser need of raw material and equipment, productivity, longevity, customizability and how it saves time, effort, money and space.
  • Compatibility– defines the level of compatibility of the design when people incorporate it in their lives. The innovation is said to be perfect when people are able to adopt it easily into their lives without much change in their lifestyles or obtaining of additional products to support it.
  • Complexity Vs Simplicity-it defines the ease or difficulty with which the people adapt and learn to use the innovative design. The more intricate the design the more difficult it is for people to learn and use it in their lives. People usually do not keep aside time to learn on how to use a new design. So, complexity de-accelerates the growth and importance of the innovative design, unless it is benefiting the human race in a huge way.
  • Trial ability– it is the degree of ease with which the people explore the innovative design. The design should be easy for people to have a grip at it and investigate it in and out. People should get comfortable handling it and should be able to figure out by themselves what that design is capable of doing and how it is affecting their lives.
  • Observability– defines the degree to which the benefits of the innovative design are visible to the people planning to use it. The clearer the results and advantages of the design, the better it is.

The best innovative designs from CES 2015

Here is a list of 10 best eye catching innovative designs displayed at CES 2015:

  • Kinematics Dress by Nervous system- a dress free from effects of gravity
  • Samsung Flex Duo Dual Door Oven- solving the problem of cooking two dishes at the same time and at different temperature/times.
  • Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H8 Headphones – noise cancelation incorporated with bluetooth wireless technology.
  • PetCube- to caress and sooth our pets from afar.
  • Netatmo June- UV level monitoring device
  • Gogoro Smartscooter- battery powered emission- free smart scooter with easily replaceable batteries that can be swapped in and out whenever required.
  • New Matter 3D Printer- 3D printer with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • Audeze EL-8 Planar Magnetic Headphone- supporting high quality music files, vibrant soundstage and comfy ear cups.
  • Whirlpool Interactive Kitchen of the Future 2.0
  • Toshiba Virtual Fitting Room- for enabling you to try outfits virtually.