Furniture Design

Furniture is the most essential part of someone’s dream house and its presence makes a house a home. Furniture includes everything from couches, sofas, beds to the dining table and chairs, to wall units, book shelves, centre table, side tables and cupboards. Furniture can be made out of a number of materials including metal, wood and plastic.

Furniture has been a part of human civilization since the beginning of times. Archaeological research tells that Neolithic people used stone to assemble their furniture. Then gradually came in the use of wood and then later came the era of “modern furniture” made out of glass, plastic and metal as well.

The type and style of furniture in a house describes the people living in it. It can depict both the cultural as well religious preferences and values of the house owners.

Types of Furniture Designs

The most trendy furniture design styles in market are as below:

  • Antique – includes furniture from past era i.e. about 100 years old, which is usually made out of wood. The value of this furniture is determined by its condition, age, features and rarity. Purchasing of antique furniture should be done from authentic dealers.
  • Vintage – this is the furniture that depicts the best quality and features of a certain era. For example, a vintage wishbone piece made in 1950 will be different from the vintage wishbone piece made in 1980.
  • Traditional– this is the furniture belonging to Victorian times combining the features from Queen Anne times. These pieces are very decorative, elegant, artistically designed and graceful and look best with soft and comfy fabrics and sofas.
  • Rustic– this style is a combination of many styles to create an innate, relaxed and affectionate feel. The furniture is usually made out of animal hide, warm timber, linen or cotton.
  • Art Deco– this is a diverse style of furniture that combines traditional crafts with machine imagery. Its characteristic features include angular and geometric shapes. The materials used are shiny like mirrors, glass, chrome, glossy cloth, etc. and the patterns made are buildings, cars, trains, aeroplanes etc.
  • Retro– this style depicts the imitation of fashion and trends of recent past.
  • French provincial-inspired from the styles in French provinces in 17th and 18th This furniture style has a traditional and countryside sense to it. Some pieces include large armoires, ladder back chairs with fibre seats, French sideboards with attractive patterns etc.
  • Shabby Chic– this style is similar to the French provincial but is more casual and distraught with a feminine and adoring feel.
  • Modern and contemporary-this style combines the usage of steel, plywood, leather, plastic and vinyl with single colour format for smooth and lustrous interiors.

While picking a furniture design, one should incorporate and add some personal style and preference to it. Like one traditional or shabby chic piece in a room full of contemporary items. This will not only give the room a different and unique look, but also give the feeling of one’s own space.