Decorating with Personality

stencil-owl_2Decorating your home can be easy, and very low cost. It depends on what you like. Colors, the decor of your choice, you want your home to reflect your personality. I personally like owls, so in the living area of my home, owls are my choice.

Decorating isn’t hard since the main color of my room for owls are blue. I put blue flowers in an owl vase, then got some timer lights to go with the flowers. My idea of decorating is having things most other people don’t. Be yourself when decorating. You can use your own ideas on how you want your home to look. My kitchen I decorated with coffee cups. Not coffee cups everywhere. I took my time and looked around until I found the curtains I wanted, coffee cups on my curtains.

Stencils are another great way to decorate on a low-cost budget. I found some coffee stencils for three dollars. Just peel and stick and there you have a wall decoration. I also found a stencil tree for my living area, again just for three dollars. I then searched and looked until I found some owl pictures only 1 dollar a piece. They now hang on my stencil tree. For five dollars I now have a beautiful wall decoration with a tree that has owls on it. How’s that for a low cost!

I’m always looking at thrift shops and yard sales seeing what I can find to decorate with. Like I said, it may take me a while, but unless I find something I’m looking for, spaces stay blank until I find something I call “jumping out at me.” I’m now in the process of making my bedroom my favorite football team, again this doesn’t have to be costly. I check online yard sale pages, and I visit them also, so when I find that special thing, that catches my attention. I grab it! So have fun while making your choices.