Art Design

Digital Artistry

The modern, digital age has given us many great new ways to express ourselves (like this blog!). From social media and beyond, the many computing tools and software available to us have changed our world.

Nowhere is this more evident than the art world. Digital art in years past was relegated to marketing graphics which used extremely complex programs (that weren’t user friendly at all).

As technology has advanced and become easier for everyone to effectively use, the creation of beautiful digital art has been made possible for everyone to enjoy.

From Pencil Sketch to Digital Shadowing

One of the things I love so much about digital art is how it combines the old with the new.

I get inspired, sketch something out as normal, refine it until I get the details right, then paint in colors, shadows and other elements to bring it to life. This process is fun and combines the elements of hand drawn art with digital rendering to create truly amazing pieces.

What was possible only for professional animators is now not only possible but commonplace (though commonplace is not a word I would use to describe the art!).

Digital Diversity

Finding great digital art is as easy as a simple browser search.

No matter what genre, topic or style of illustration you prefer you can be sure to find a wealth of work from digital artists around the globe. The multi-national art world has never been more vibrant, with artists from every locale uploading images of all kids. From inspiring fantasy genre digital paintings to portraits that look completely hand drawn yet have photograph quality details, digital art is amazing!

And just from a personal standpoint, digital art gallery .com is a great place to go to find some of the most breathtaking digital work on the internet!

Popularity and Proliferation

With all of these great, user-friendly tools at our fingertips, it’s no wonder that digital art has become such a popular medium.

Artists and art lovers everywhere are able to connect in ways that weren’t possible before, which has led to commission work to turn someone’s idea into a visual reality. I think in many ways this has strengthened visual art overall as both sides of inspiration come together to create what neither of them could ever have apart from one another! Social media has also made it easier than ever to find great artwork through apps and websites like Pinterest, Tumblr and others like it.

Digital artists are also in high demand with the multitude of gaming apps. Some of the artwork on these apps is incredible!


Inspiration Via the Internet

With access to the internet, inspiration is just a few clicks away.

As an artist, I understand how it can feel to have a creative expression needing to be expressed but have no focus on what to do with it at times. I have taken to looking through digital art through web-surfing, searching for whatever random things I can think of or looking through the many digital artwork galleries for inspiration.

If you ever find yourself in a creative rut, artistically speaking, spend some time looking at others work and remember why you love art: It is imagination brought into the real world!