Jennifer Taylor comes from Portland, Oregon and has a diverse and multicultural background  where she learned about graphic design but also illustration and painting. She travelled all over the world from Mexico to China, and from South Africa to Norway.


One of her chinese masters once told her: “Be like water: when facing obstacles, don’t try to go through them, get around them”. She made this philosophy hers and finally decided to settle in Seattle, spending her time in local literary cafes, smoking cuban cigars and drinking tomato juice while meeting urban artists and famous painters.


Instead of trying to sell her work to art dealers, she decided to open her own art gallery with her good friend, Mickey Rourke. But their partnership soon turned sour when she discovered that Mickey was burning cash fast. A $14.567 bill for limo rental finally came in the mail one day, that was the last straw…


With no money left and little hope, Jennifer was on the brink of bankruptcy. Fortunately, she was good with her hands and soon found a  job with an international roofing company specialized in repairing roofs damaged by Santa Claus on Christmas (97% of their business).


It was a seasonal job but she made good money and was able to finally pay back the limo company and continue business as usual. Few of her paintings were sold soon after, she was flush and went to Las Vegas for the weekend. She left the keys of her art gallery to a friend because a contractor was supposed to come the same weekend to clean the walls with a pressure washer…


When she came back, she realised that her paintings had been pressure washed too. She had to start from scratch again. In order to find inspiration and guidance, she went to the forest of Sherwood close to Nottingham, England. Her old friend, Robin Hood III (an immigrant from rural Alabama) offered her food and shelter for 3 months to help her focus on her art. They went hunting and fishing many times together. Little John was a good cook.


It was now time to go back to America, she was eager to maker her come back. But at the same time, she was sad to leave Robin behind. Their platonic friendship had turned into a passionate love story. Robin has sworn to spend the rest of his days in Notthingham. He finally decided to dig up his US passport buried under an oak tree, and came back with Jennifer to Seattle.


The city life was new to him; however he was highly adaptable and started his own small business, selling bows and arrows to amateur hunters that he found on Craigslist. When you meet people from Craigslist, it’s generally advised to go to a public and neutral place like Starbucks. Robin enjoyed it so much that he developed an addiction to caramel macchiatos. Jennifer had to send him to a rehab clinic.


We are now in 2016, Jenn and Robin now have 2 children together. Jennifer is a well-established painter in Seattle and has been awarded the “Picasso Award” in Los Angeles.